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Recreational services at Hearts & Hands can bring joy to life through companionship, activities, and laughter. We strive to help you enjoy your daily life by offering activities that interest you. Our staff will ask what your interests and hobbies are and introduce you to new ideas for recreation. We will establish an individualized activity program based on your interests and hobbies. You will receive a monthly calendar that features all of the scheduled events, times, and locations so you can plan your activities in advance.

Hearts & Hands offers a variety of recreational programs and events including:

Community Involvement

Hearts & Hands offers events that are conducted by very special people… community volunteers. They provide music, games, and entertainment for your enjoyment. We will also invite you to join us in community events.

Church Services

Church services are offered to you at least once a week for multiple denominations. If you would like additional visitation from a minister or other pastoral services, please let us know.

Holiday Celebrations

We plan special events to celebrate or commemorate the holidays. We encourage the involvement of your family, friends and the community to make these celebrations special.


We take special community trips to a favorite restaurant, shopping mall, to the boardwalk, beach or public event. If these trips would be of interest to you, we encourage you to join us. We also have group activities that explore locations around the world through video, slides, and conversation.


A variety of books, games, puzzles, arts and crafts materials, and music are always available for you to enjoy while relaxing in your room, or with family or other guests. We offer an array of activities, from a relaxing game of cards to more physical games such as Wii bowling.


We have discussion groups that review events, both current and historical. If you have always enjoyed reading the daily paper and discussing the news with friends, we have a group for you. At The Laurels of Bedford, you can participate in creative and educational programs to learn new skills, because it’s never too late to be a student.

Special Needs

Our recreation services are designed so that if you require any kind of special equipment or environment to allow you to participate in the activities, we can arrange it. Invite your family and friends to join you in our recreation events.

At any time during your stay with us, you can bring suggestions for a new recreation for our staff. We will work to make it part of our program. Quality of life is best measured by our joy in each day.

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Copyright by Hearts & Hands 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Hearts & Hands 2020. All rights reserved.